Fun Science Experiment for your Preschooler

If you want to do a fun science experiment that teaches kids about weather and the water cycle then Rain Cloud in a Jar is an activity that kids and preschoolers love. It involves learning along with sensory activity and a lot of fun. The concept behind this experiment is:

Clouds are formed when water vapour rises into the air. When the water vapour hits cold air, it turns into tiny droplets of water. These droplets start to stick together and grow. When the droplets become big , the water falls down as rain.

In this experiment, we make clouds with shaving cream and the food colored water is the rain. As you drop the coloured water into the cloud the weight of the water forces itself through the cloud to form colourful rain into the jar.

  • Material required:
  • -Food Colour
  • -Transparent Jar
  • -Shaving Foam
  • -Pipette or dropper

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